The 4 Prices a House Sells For

by David Meadowcroft

I’ve always said there are 3 prices a house sells for, but now I realise there are four. The trouble is, if you are thinking of buying or selling a property nearby, you need to know the real price out of these 4.

What are the 4 prices? Firstly, there is the price the buyer tells their friends and workmates they paid. This is quite often lower than the real price, because they want to let everyone know “what a bargain they got”. “I really screwed ’em down, etc etc!”

The 2nd price is the price the sellers either tell their friends and neighbours, or the one that is sometimes just assumed. “Well, I know they were asking $599000, and they told me they weren’t going to give it away. They didn’t really have to sell, so I guess they got their price”. Sometimes the seller will just say ” I got my price”, OR, just straight out spread the wrong price for reasons of pride. (I acknowledge that mostly sellers do actually tell the truth if asked, they just are most aften not asked directly.  It is quite often neighbours just believing, or wanting to believe the higher price, that then becomes hearsay that then becomes gospel )

The 3rd price is the real price! The one they sold for, the one they really paid, the one that is on the contract, and the only price that means anything. If you are thinking of buying or selling, this is THE price you need to know.

The problem is, what often gets in the way of all this, is the 4th price… the one advertised on the websites and in the paper – often disguised as Price not Disclosed, NFP, Not Disclosed, call agent, etc etc. Don’t you hate that? In 2011, with so much information at our fingertips via the net, why can’t you find out the truth about a property’s sale price?

Sure, you can pay for a report that has a list of sales, but is it up to date? And what if you don’t end up doing anything? You’ve paid money for nothing!

Well now you can see exactly what EVERY property sells for – at no cost. Your own research, in your own time. With PriceFinder Share, you can have access to accurate sales data from around the State. In your own time, on your own computer. Actual sale prices, as per the contract – yours for free.

David Meadowcroft has teamed with PriceFinder to offer this great tool to all local home owners. Sound good? Then register here. YES, it’s FREE!

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